VantagePoint v14 Now Available!
For today’s empowered analysts
  • Need greater confidence with classifying your data?
Our Smart Trainer delivers improved transparency and confidence when applying the VantagePoint Auto-Classifier.
  • Looking for dynamic and interactive reporting?
The new VizLink Chart report gives you linked graphics that convey your findings and conclusions quickly to your customers.
  • Are you frustrated with off-the-shelf statistical indicators and looking to build your own?
Build indicator formulas based on your unique numerical data, e.g. citation rates, patent family size comparisons, or patent volume over time
  • Need answers faster?
VantagePoint v14 is even faster, more efficient, and easier to use.

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What is VantagePoint?

VantagePoint is a professional-grade desktop text mining application offering Analysts a broad suite of powerful refining, analyzing, and reporting tools for scientific, technical, market and patent information.

Introduction to VantagePoint - Click for a quick overview.

VantagePoint Literature - Download our flyer (also in ESPAÑOL, PORTUGUÊS, and DEUTSCH)

VantagePoint plays a role in reports from the UK Intellectual Patent Office.

To start a trial of VantagePoint follow one of the links below:

Commercial Trials | Academic Trials


"Will my data work in VantagePoint?"

VantagePoint is not locked into any one data source.  Whether you are analyzing publications, patents, or internal data, VantagePoint’s import tools are designed to process information from a wide variety of sources. Browse the Library to see if your key data resources work with VantagePoint or Contact Us if you have a question about your data.

From Excel® to XML, and pretty much anything in between, from patent and publication databases to mining your own email, VantagePoint’s ability to import, refine, analyze and report enables you to transform analysis into insight.

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Our flagship product, VantagePoint, is a powerful text-mining tool for discovering knowledge in search results from patent and literature databases. VantagePoint helps you rapidly understand and navigate through large search results, giving you a better perspective—a better vantage point—on your information. The perspective provided by VantagePoint enables you to quickly find WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE, enabling you to clarify relationships and find critical patterns—turning your information into knowledge.
Use VP Reader to communicate your results to your team. VP Reader is a simplified version of VantagePoint, with which your team can review your results ...
Thomson Data Analyzer (TDA) is a Thomson Reuters product that is powered by VantagePoint. TDA has special import filters and reporting macros specifically designed for analyzing patent data and scientific literature from Thomson Reuters.