For today's empowered analyst

September 22, 2022 —Introducing VantagePoint v15 with super-charged:

Flexibility - enhance your analysis and reports with even more customization options 

Capability - produce superior output with new features that leverage advances in data, algorithms, visualizations, and interfaces...helping you carry your analysis from "high-altitude" through to "high-resolution"

Empowerment - amplify YOUR voice with even more options to incorporate YOUR knowledge and skill into insightful results

For a  comprehensive list of ALL enhancements, see VP15 Release Notes and watch our "v15 New Feature Overview" video

Meeting YOUR need for a more comprehensive and customized analysis

v15 Home bar

Find Records

Search across your dataset using multiple fields to find records like a search engine. In the example below, we search for records based on group membership and the user's record notes.

Graphical user interface, text, application, emailDescription automatically generated

YOUR data YOUR way...

v15 refine bar

Augment Data

Augment your patent dataset with three new fields using the Patstat API data.

Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generated

Customize during Remove Duplicate Records

YOU know what information is most relevant. We've added a user-defined filter that allows you to precisely specify which record to keep when removing duplicates. Build your filter using record length, dates, values, group membership, language, as well as specific terms.

List Cleanup

Now you can split one item into multiple items in List Cleanup Confirm. For example:

split items list cleanup

NEW ESG monitoring 

Use the IPC-WIPO Green thesaurus to add WIPO's environmentally friendly technology categories to your patent analysis.

IPC Green

Analyze data YOUR way...

v15 Analyze bar.png

IMPROVED Smart Trainer

Now you can see non-training fields during training to better understand the data you are viewing and guide the process.

smart trainer2

Cluster Records

This visualization plots records based on similarity of terms within the records.


Sankey Chart

Create a flow chart showing the co-occurrence between up to 5 fields. Records will cascade down from left to right. In other words, data in each column will not contain any records that are not in the set of records in the column to its left. You can see the shared records between any two vertical rectangles by clicking the link between them.


Create Concept Grid

Automate the clustering, naming, and visualization of your topic’s major areas and underlying sub-areas... all while maintaining the ability to drill-down to details. This algorithmic approach to clustering concepts uses your NLP phrases as an input. 

Concept Grid Abstract English NLP Phrases NLP Refined

NEW! Calculate Network Metrics

Assess the "information flow" role of sets of individuals (as well as other fields), or "nodes", with the  following social network metrics.

  • Betweenness Centrality – relative amount of information that flows through a node (how often a node lies along the path between other nodes)
  • Closeness Centrality – total distance to all other nodes
  • Degree Centrality – total number of connections a node has in the network
  • Keystone - the harmonic average (0-1) of the three centrality measures and the number of records (the higher the Keystone indicator, the more networked an individual is within the search space)

Report insights YOUR way...

v15 Report bar.png

Bubble Chart

Transform a Bubble Chart into a Bubble Pie Chart by adding a third field. Simply select field in the Bubble Chart dropdown after the chart has been created to create pie charts (Limited to fields with fewer than 7 items).

Patent Assignees standard Name Cleaned Target Top 7 X Publication Year 2010 to Present Bubble Chart 1

Export Records

Export to Tableau and PowerBI - Simply select PowerBI or Tableau as the "Export to…" option


More options to "Share" a record! In addtion to printing a record, Record View gives you the option to Save as PDF or Save and Email

VantagePoint customers with a current Support Subscription can download VP15 by logging into our Downloads page.  See our VP15 upgrade FAQ for installation instructions.