For today's empowered analyst


For a  comprehensive list of ALL enhancements, see VP16 Release Notes

Meeting YOUR need for a more comprehensive and customized analysis

Simple, Powerful Reporting with Profile Tables

Profile Table

  • Easy to customize - add columns in real time
  • Repeatable with templates

Enhanced Classification Capabilities - Get Granular with Sub Classifications

Sub Classifications

  • Classifications made to Sub Categories automatically apply to the parent Classification

Discover Insights with Trained Named Entity Recognition


  • Use your terms as the training data
  • Find new terms, technologies, and other essential information in text
  • Enhance semantic search, discover topics, find the "missing" piece

Track Workflow and Document Process with Field History

Field History

  • Take notes on processes as you work
  • Export to Excel to build out in house documentation for future analyses

Never lose your work with Autosave


  • Saved vpt files will now store changes on a temporary basis in the event of an unexpected shutdown.
  • Restore changes the next time you open the vpt file


Font and Enhanced Search Controls in List Cleanup

View Groups in Detail Windows

VantagePoint customers with a current Support Subscription can download VP16 by logging into our Downloads page.  See our VP16 upgrade FAQ for installation instructions.