Announcing the release of VantagePoint Version 12

Powerful Flexible User-Driven Analytics

August 9, 2019 — We are pleased to release VantagePoint Version 12, a major update to our flagship text-mining software!  

Achieve power efficiency and effectiveness with NEW usability enhancements

Intelligently clean and filter your NLP fields using the new Refine NLP tool to prepare them for robust analysis.
Include Images, Hyperlinks, and Numeric Data in your dataset analysis with improved data import and record view.
Organize and manipulate groups of terms with updated Edit Groups dialog. Adds easy sorting, combining, color, and more.
Export cleaned VantagePoint datasets directly to Excel for use in other tools.

Better see and communicate analytical insights with NEW visualization capabilities

Compare complex indicators over time with the new Scatter Plot.
Compare categories across many terms with the new Multi Donut chart.
Graphically explore 3 dimensions of data with the flexible Pivot Tool.
Clearly show where item overlap occurs with a Smart Pie chord chart.
Customize the fonts and colors of visualizations in the VantagePoint Options menu.
Add Sticky Notes to your visualizations to record observations and conclusions.

Include NEW Math functionality in your analysis

Make a Statistics table (Sum, Average, Min, Max, and Median) for any field to compare terms based on any numeric field.

A sampling of some Additional Enhancements…

Customize Find Similar Records settings.
Easily toggle through records while classifying.
New hotkeys to quickly navigate through your VantagePoint sheets.
Select All fields at import.
Customize search engines in List Cleanup Web Search.
Performance improvements.

For a  comprehensive list of ALL enhancements in this upgrade, see VPv12 Release Notes

VantagePoint customers with a current Support Subscription can download VPv12 by logging into our Downloads page.  See our VPv12 upgrade FAQ for installation instructions.

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