Our flagship product, VantagePoint, is a powerful text-mining tool for discovering knowledge in search results from patent and literature databases. VantagePoint helps you rapidly understand and navigate through large search results, giving you a better perspective—a better vantage point—on your information. The perspective provided by VantagePoint enables you to quickly find WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE, enabling you to clarify relationships and find critical patterns—turning your information into knowledge.
Use VP Reader to communicate your results to your team. VP Reader is a simplified version of VantagePoint, with which your team can review your results ...
Thomson Data Analyzer (TDA) is a Thomson Reuters product that is powered by VantagePoint. TDA has special import filters and reporting macros specifically designed for analyzing patent data and scientific literature from Thomson Reuters.
Papers and Reports

This library contains many technical papers and reports authored by members of our team and our colleagues.


The purpose of this series of webcasts is to stimulate your ideas on how to apply VantagePoint to gain insights on sets of research publications.