VantagePoint Version 7.1

We are pleased to announce the release of  VantagePoint Version 7.1.  This 'point release' adds two new tools to the VantagePoint suite.  

XML Smart Data Exchange XML_SDE_Icons

In collaboration with other vendors, we have developed a generic XML data interchange format that can be used to "round-trip" data among analysis, visualization, and reporting tools.  Currently, the most complete implementation of this is data exchange between VantagePoint version 7.1 and BizInt Smart Charts version 3.4.9.  Please see our article on VantagePoint and Smart Charts for an illustration.

VP and SC

WorldMap Macro WorldMap_Icon

Adding to the growing suite of analytical visualizations, the latest version of VantagePoint features the new WorldMap macro.  This VBScript converts country names or patent country codes into a standard abbreviation (FIPS), creates a new field, and displays a color-coded interactive VantagePoint sheet showing the level of activity in each country or patent authority.  Look on "My Toolbar" for the globe icon.  



Customers that are currently under subscription to our Upgrades and Support can download VPv7.1 by clicking on this link to log into the downloads page.  Or you can launch VantagePoint and click "Check for Updates" or "Visit Downloads Page" on the Help menu.  The VantagePoint Analyst Guide also has a link to the VantagePoint downloads page.  

Please see the v7.1 Release Notes on the Current Versions page for complete details.

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