DDA Frequently Asked Questions

TDA contains two tools to help you perform Principal Components Analysis (PCA).  This short video shows you how to create a PCA Map and Matrix. 

In a recent update to Thomson Innovation, the file extension of the TDA export changed from *.txt to *.pdtf.  This change paves the way for a future TDA enhancement that makes it easier to import Thomson Innovation data into TDA.  Until then, you import *.pdtf files the same way you imported *.txt files.  This short video shows you how. 

A quick demonstration of adding a field to the Patent Vital Signs field.  (requires TDA version 6.5)

Handy step by step guide for creating and applying your own custom classifications in TDA.


Sometimes the selection box on the Sheet Navigation toolbar is too small.  You can fix this using "Reset to Default" under the TDA "View" menu.  This will reset the entire User Interface to the installation settings.