DDA Frequently Asked Questions

The auto classification function is an AI-based classifier.  It uses the tokenized items (a process that splits raw text into words and phrases based on spaces and punctuation) from the assigned training fields as the input plus some pre-processing to eliminate highly common terms.  All training fields are weighted equally.  The user can control which fields are used as training.

This document contains recommendations to fix problems installing or upgrading DDA and cases where the software is installed but will not start.

Installation Issues

Administrator-level privileges are required to install or upgrade DDA If you do not have administrator privileges on your machine, contact your IT department for assistance installing DDA.

  • Make sure all instances of DDA are closed before attempting upgrades.
  • If you encounter an error during the installation process, use your web browser and log in to the DDA downloads page (https://thevantagepoint.com/dda) and download the software again. Make sure the download completes successfully before attempting installation or an upgrade.
  • Reboot the system and try the installation or upgrade again.

In a recent update to Thomson Innovation, the file extension of the TDA export changed from *.txt to *.pdtf.  This change paves the way for a future TDA enhancement that makes it easier to import Thomson Innovation data into TDA.  Until then, you import *.pdtf files the same way you imported *.txt files.  This short video shows you how. 

TDA contains two tools to help you perform Principal Components Analysis (PCA).  This short video shows you how to create a PCA Map and Matrix. 

Handy step by step guide for creating and applying your own custom classifications in TDA.