Who is this article for?

This article is for users who have opted in to our Beta Testing program.  It covers essential points of installing and working with VP-Beta.

What you need to know about VP-Beta

VantagePointBeta (VP-Beta) is designed to be installed alongside our current supported VantagePoint release.  The VP-Beta installation occupies its very own spaces in the Windows filesystem and registry and its settings designed not to conflict or interfere in any way with the commercial VP release.  

IMPORTANT - It is CRITICAL that you do not use any VPT FILE WITH VP-BETA  that is essential to your business or research operations unless you have a backup of the file for VPv14.  Any vpt file created or used with VP-Beta will not be compatible with VPv14 and earlier.  Maintain separate vpt files for each product.

Can VP-Beta read my VPT files created with VPv14?

Yes, but in view of the IMPORTANT note above, you should create a separate, obviously-named VP-Beta copy of your vpt file if you want to work with it in VP-Beta.  Any existing visualizations created in version 11 or later will probably still work, but if you want the latest new features they’ll need to be recreated in VP-Beta.Visualizations from versions 10 and earlier will not function and will need to be recreated with VP-Beta. 

Can the earlier version VPv14 (and the v14 Reader) view files created with VP-Beta?

NO - Older versions of VantagePoint will NOT be able to read files created OR used VP-Beta. It is critical that separate spaces for VPT files for VP-Beta and VPv14 be maintained.

What will happen when I double-click on a VPT file after I install VP-Beta?

Installing VP-Beta will NOT associate the VP-Beta program with your VPT files.  This is intentional to prevent conflicts between the VPv14 and VP-Beta installations. 

 - If you have VPv14 and VP-Beta installed, double-clicking on ANY vpt file will launch VPv14.  

 - If you do NOT have VPv14 installed on the machine where VP-Beta is installed, double-clicking on a VPT File will cause Windows to prompt you to choose a program to use to open VPT files.

 Can my system run VP-Beta?

System requirements for VP-Beta are the same as for VPv14.   

How do I install and activate VP-Beta?

Reminder #1: VP-Beta requires its own, new, registration code that will be provided by Search Technology.  The registration code you used for VantagePoint v14 will NOT work to activate VP-Beta  

Reminder #2: Install VP-Beta using Administrator permissions.  

Reminder #3:  The first time a user launches VP-Beta they must use the shortcut installed to the Start menu so Windows Installer can configure settings.  


To Install VP-Beta:

    1. Go to the VantagePoint downloads page
    2. Download the VP-Beta-Setup.exe file
    3. Run the Setup installaiton package with Administrator priviliges.
    4. Enter your VP-Beta Registration Code to activate the license.