Researchers used VantagePoint in the recently published papers "Mapping Experience Research Across Disciplines: Who, Where, When" and "Customer Experience Research: Intellectual Structure and Future Research Opportunities" to profile research on customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX). In our post-materialistic world, where people are more cognizant of their "experiences" rather than in material possessions, this research takes a productive first step to guide researchers towards understanding experience as a multidisciplinary concept, and establishing a more coherent experience research field. V. Roto, J. Bragge, et. al, use VantagePoint to profile almost 52,000 publications over 125 years, showing the breadth of UX research across disciplines. The concept of UX originates from the multidisciplinary field of Human–Computer Interaction (HCI). J.H.O. Silva, G.H.S. Mendes, et. al map the CX literature by describing its intellectual structure in terms of three research domains (customer, organizational and technological).