Knowing Tomorrow? How Science Deals with the Future, van der Duin, P. (ed.), pg. 183-201, Eburon Academic Publishers, Delft, 2007.

Porter, A.L. (Technology Policy and Assessment Center, Georgia Tech; and Search Technology, Inc.)

Published: 2007


"Who’s doing what" to advance the field of Future-oriented Technology Analyses (FTA)? This paper draws on two motivations. One was to provide background characterization in conjunction with the Second FTA Seminar (Seville, 2006). The second was to provide perspective for this volume. Characterization of the disciplines publishing in this area helps to frame their differing perspectives on futures research.

This paper offers a literature profile on the FTA domain. The profile helps to characterize the growing body of FTA knowledge. It provides a base for this volume’s consideration of disciplinary differences in treatment of futures research, especially between FTA and market research orientations.