Emergence scoring to identify frontier R&D topics and key players,

Indicators of technological emergence promise valuable intelligence. We present an implemented algorithm to calculate emergence scores (EScores) for topical terms from abstract record sets. We offer a family of emergence indicators. Primary emergence indicators identify "frontier" terms based on their EScores. We then tally organizations, countries, or authors especially active in publishing (or patenting) on high EScore topics in a target R&D domain. We can score research fields on relative degree of emergence. This paper illustrates EScoring for Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery, Non-Linear Programming, Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, and Big Data. The paper is part of a special TFSC issue on tech emergence.

Porter, A.L., Garner, J., Carley, S.F., and Newman, N.C. (2018), Emergence scoring to identify frontier R&D topics and key players, Technological Forecasting and Social Change,


A technology delivery system for characterizing the supply side of technology emergence: Illustrated for Big Data & Analytics


The May 2018 volume (vol 130) of Technological Forecasting and Social Change features a Special Section on The Impact of Big Data Analytics on the Dynamics of Social Change. In the article “A technology delivery system for characterizing the supply side of technology emergence: Illustrated for Big Data & Analytics, ”  authors Huang et al. contribute an updated Technology delivery system (TDS) which provides a promising chain-link approach to the supply side of innovation. While there is a general recognition that breakthrough innovation is non-linear and requires an alignment between producers (supply) and users (demand), there is still a need for strategic intelligence about the emerging supply chains of new technological innovations. “Our TDS methodology is illustrated using the field of Big Data & Analytics (“BDA”).”

 A full, detailed version of the Figure appears in the paper

TDS diagram lean

NSF Grant Awarded for "Indicators of Technological Emergence"

Extensive ways to measure research and development activity exist, but there is a gap in being able to measure frontier research topics. This project, Alan L. Porter, Jan Youtie, Philip Shapira, and Stephen Carley will develop new indicators of technological emergence to support researchers, research managers, businesses, and others in identifying key topics at the frontiers of science and technology. Distinguishing cutting edge research and development activities can inform strategy development and reveal new opportunities. Being able to measure emergent topics additionally enables sharper research program assessment. Indicators of which countries, organizations, or individuals are contributing most to advances in a given domain provide vital competitive technical intelligence. The project's new technological emergence indicators focus on frontier contributions to complement general science, technology, and innovation indicators. We formulate a suite of indicators, develop software routines to calculate them, and devise reports and visualizations to communicate to different audiences, including researchers, managers, and policy makers.

8th Global TechMining Conference - Call for Papers

In conjunction with the 23rd International Science, Technology, and Innovation Indicators Conference on September 12-14th, the VP Institute is sponsoring the 8th Global TechMining Conference, September  11th.  

The conference program will address key CHALLENGES in maximizing potential of traditional and novel text data, tapping vital traits while minding limitations and matching analytical aims, advancing and integrating methods, and translating analyses to useful intelligence.  

Two-page submissions for sessions and oral presentations are due by APRIL 15, 2018, through the submission link at The deadline for power talk and poster abstract (250 word) submissions is JUNE 1, 2018.

Book Release: Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval

Luciano Kay, Alan Porter, Jan Youtie, Nils Newman, and Ismael Rafols' paper titled "Visual analysis of patent data through global maps and overlays" appears in the recently released book Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval Springer (2017). 

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