COVID-19 accelerates use of text-analytics

The explosion of research activity as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of text-analytics to extract the insights and intelligence necessary for ST&I policy & management – e.g., competitive technical intelligence, R&D management, research evaluation, etc. VantagePoint software was recently used by B. P. Cabral, to identify top experts for a survey in "What are the most promising treatments and vaccine candidates for COVID-19? A global survey of experts involved in virus research"(full-text of paper available) and by C.V. Fry, et. al. to conduct a network analysis in "Consolidation in a crisis: Patterns of international collaboration in early COVID-19 research" (full-text of paper available).

Corona Virus - Exploring Causes and Cures through Literature Based Discovery

VantagePoint text-mining software will be engaged in an NSF-funded RAPID project titled "Corona Virus -- Exploring Causes and Cures through Literature Based Discovery." Resolving the COVID-19 pandemic, and future crises, demands rapid and comprehensive access to pertinent research knowledge. This project promotes the progress of science to advance national health and welfare by enhancing capability to understand global research literature (i.e. tens of thousands of biomedical articles growing explosively week by week) and to hone in on findings that bear on combating the virus. The project will employ two distinct approaches to provide means to access vital findings, and tools to discover connections across disciplines and among causes, biomarkers, conditions, and treatments for COVID-19.

The first approach will use bibliometric and text analytic methods to help researchers elicit virus attributes, investigate contributing causes, and identify biomarkers. Bi-weekly summaries of key findings in the COVID-19  literature,arranged by topics, country, and organization will be posted at "". 

The second project apporoach will be to advance Literature Based Discovery methods to extract key components of a target domain and then explore other, distinct domains for potential causes, vital biomechanisms, and treatments that could be repurposed as novel COVID-19 treatment approaches. These methods can help relate seemingly distant research knowledge to help address future crises too.

VantagePoint informs review of National Nanotechnology Initiative

VantagePoint led text-analysis in the 2019 Journal of Nanoparticle Research article "Updating a Search Strategy to Track Emerging Nanotechnologies" is cited in the recent National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report "A Quadrennial Review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative: Nanoscience, Applications, and Commercialization (2020), " showing that after U.S. dominance in the 2000's, EU-28 countries have consistently published more papers per year than the United States while China produces nearly double. After review of the data, the report recommends the United States overhaul its research priorities in nanotechnology and bolster funding to restore its leadership in the discipline.

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