Research Profiling Part Three Plus: VP Help and Interactions/Exercises

This 15 minute video provides a short review of VantagePoint help resource; it outlines five exercises for viewer practice in the areas of critical MOT question identification, data search and import, data cleanup, data thesaurus enhancement, and dataset key term identification.

Research Profiling Part Four: Matrices

This 10 minute video showcases three example matrices (subject by country, publishing type by country, and cross-national collaboration), then demonstrates how to generate three matrix visualizations (matrix viewer, activity/diversity scattergram, Aduna Cluster Map) within VantagePoint.

Research Profiling Part Five: Trends

Using the nano-enhanced solar cell technology dataset, this 9 minute video reviews a series of research trend examples for comparative and/or future-oriented technology analyses.

Research Profiling Part Six: Hot Topics

This 12 minute video provides examples of trend analyses used to identify

Research Profiling Part Seven: Maps

This 14 minute video provides an overview of five “map” visualizations: auto and cross-correlation maps for social network and other analyses, factor maps, science overlay maps, and Google Earth generated geographical maps.


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