VantagePoint v11 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of a major update for VantagePoint. Version 11 adds several new features and tools to the VantagePoint suite.  The highlights are outlined below.

Downloading and installing VantagePoint v11

Details on upgrading from an earlier version and transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit versions can be found on our website in the upgrade FAQ.

Enhancements to List Cleanup tools

Our data cleaning tools have always been one of the most powerful and popular tools in VantagePoint.  VPv11 introduces two major enhancements to List Cleanup. Click this link to see a video demonstration.

   Side-by-Side views of the List Cleanup Confirmation Window

New Dual View Cleanup Confirmation window features two synchronized views on your cleaned data which includes ...

  • Drag-and-drop capability for combining items within and between windows
  • Highlighting items that were combined by a thesaurus before cleanup
  • Type-to-filter to narrow viewed results in each window
  • Five display options for each window (All, Combined, Uncombined, etc.)
  • Graphic overview that summarizes the cleanup progress
  • New tool to delete items from the final field (i.e. cleanup by deletion), accessed using the right-click menu

VPv11 RelNotes List Cleanup 1

   Apply a User-Managed Thesaurus as a part of the List Cleanup Workflow

The VPv11 List Cleanup dialog has been simplified and adds an option to apply a thesaurus before applying the cleanup ruleset.  This makes it easier to use user-managed thesauri in the list cleanup workflow.

VPv11 RelNotes List Cleanup 2

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Enhanced network visualizations for Cluster Map, Matrix Viewer, and Correlation Maps

    Cluster Map

There are big enhancements to the Cluster Map in VPv11.  Cluster Map was first introduced in VPv10 as a replacement for the retired Aduna Cluster Maps, which was in earlier versions of VantagePoint.  VPv11 extends Cluster Map to include more tools to filter, highlight, and interact with the map.  The illustration below points out several of these tools.  Users that are acquainted with VPv10 and the earlier Aduna maps will notice that we have now added back the little yellow balls that represent records in the cluster, where possible.  If there are too many records in the cluster to render the yellow balls, the map shows the number of records in the cluster.  

VPv11 RelNotes Cluster Maps1

   Matrix Viewer

We have added new controls to the Matrix View to allow you to independently filter the nodes and links.  When viewing a graphic of a co-occurrence matrix, the row items can be filtered using the orange node-slider (e.g., in the illustration filtered to nodes with 60+ records); the column items, using the blue node-slider (shown here unfiltered with 1+ records); and the co-occurrence between row and column items filtered (or "flooded") using the gray line-slider (shown here flooded to show interactions of 10+ records).  

VPv11 RelNotes Matrix Viewer

When you are viewing a visualization from a correlation matrix, which is a symmetric matrix in VantagePoint, only one field is shown.  You filter the nodes using the orange node-slider and the correlation links using the gray line-slider.  

VPv11 RelNotes Matrix Viewer2

   Correlation Maps

Cross-correlation, Auto-correlation, and Factor Maps have been converted to D3 implementations that provide easier interaction and manual rearrangement of the nodes.  A new node filter is included, and the link filters have been moved to the legend.  Using the right-click menu, you can show or hide the legend and show all the information boxes at once.  You can also edit the title of the map.

VPv11 RelNotes Correlation Maps1

If you prefer the older ("Classic", v10 and earlier) version of the correlation maps, we have included a checkbox at the bottom of the Create Map dialog that allows you to create the older style maps.  This option will eventually be retired in future releases as we build more of the classic options into the new maps.  

VPv11 RelNotes Correlation Maps2

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New visualization tools for Bubble Chart and Gantt Chart

Bubble Charts and Timeline Gantt Charts have also been converted to D3 visualizations.  New features on the Gantt chart include sorting rows (number of records, alpha, reverse-alpha), resizing, editing the chart title, and highlighting the selection on the y-axis.  

VPv11 RelNotes Gantt Chart1

New Bubble charts add the ability to sort columns and toggle showing or hiding the record number count.

VPv11 RelNotes Bubble Chart1 

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Improved support and maintenance by "pushing" notification of updates to import filters, scripts, and thesauri.

VPv11 adds a new tool to help you keep VantagePoint up-to-date using "push" notifications from our web site.  We have always provided updates via our download pages.  But before VPv11, you may not know there is an update available until you go looking for it.  Now beginning with VPv11, VantagePoint periodically checks your import filters, scripts, thesarui, and other components against the latest versions on the download page.  When a newer version is available, you will see a small notification bar under the ribbon. 

 VPv11 RelNotes Update1

When you click "Select files to update", you will see a list of the new components along with tools and instructions about how to download and install them.   

 VPv11 RelNotes Update2

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Redesigned many user interface components adding type-to-filter tools for field selection

Many VantagePoint user-interface dialogs have been redesigned to have similar look-and-feel and implement type-to-filter capability, which makes selecting fields easier.  

VPv11 RelNotes New Dialogs

These dialogs have been redesigned: Create List, List Cleanup, Thesaurus, Bubble Chart, Gantt Chart, Cluster Map, Super Profile, Plot Classifications, Calculate Emergence, Browse Classification Tree, Manage Fields (Copy, Delete, Rename), Export Fielded Records, Export Raw Records, Combine Groups, Move Groups, Count Terms per Record, and Field Order for Record View. 

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Performance improvements, bug fixes, and other enhancements

  • Excel Import
    • multi-select fields and assign Field Type in one step
    • set and save a default delimiter
  • Super Profile - can create the profile in both VantagePoint sheet and Excel in one action
  • Reworked Export Fielded Records from 3-step wizard to a single dialog
  • Move the following VB scripts to embedded operations (performance improvement)
    • REFINE/Count Terms per Record
    • REFINE/Combine Groups
    • REFINE/Move Groups
  • Enable or disable row and column resizing in List and Matrix View
  • Multi-threaded some compute-intensive operations
  • Give advance notice of an expiring Registration Code

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