We are pleased to announce the release of an update for VantagePoint. Version 14 adds several performance enhancements and stability improvements to the VantagePoint suite. The highlights are outlined below.

Downloading and installing VantagePoint 14

Details on upgrading from an earlier version can be found on our website in the upgrade FAQ.

Version 14.0.2 release notes (released September 2021)

  • Fixed Titles not drawing properly.
  • Fixed issue where Smart Trainer could get stuck on a single record.
  • Fixed redraw issue when editing Classifications from the Record View.
  • Fixed bug where Smart Trainer would set all fields except for Training Fields as the default fields in Record View. 
  • Fixed bug in Edit Item Text.
  • Fixed Up/Down arrow off by one error in Set Fielded Record Order.
  • Improved import from Excel to save data by column name rather than index for Import More FIelds.
  • Fixed error when merging from Excel Import where column range wasn't applied properly.
  • Improved wording in Combine Datasets dialog.
  • Fixed crash when deleting a classification field in some cases.
  • Fixed Tokenizer initialization for Japanese/Chinese text
  • Fixed infinite loop in import for single core CPUs

Version 14.0.1 release notes (released September 2021)

  • Fixed bug where creating groups in a parent field would not allow file to be saved.
  • Fixed bug in Matrix where heat maps weren't being created.
  • Fixed crash in copying Classification Fields.
  • Removed Disregard and Uncategorized categories from Knowledgebase.
  • Fixed bug in Record Classification dialogs where disregard status wasn't set properly.
  • Fixed crash when zooming in list view.
  • Fixed Encountered Improper Argument error when setting Sheet Properties in Matrix.
  • Keep Training Field tag on new dataset operations.
  • Fixed a bug in key field creation where a unique item for each record in some cases.

Version 14 highlights (released August 2021):


  • Sample Data available as an optional download. Creates a smaller installation package
  • Improved reliability during API Imports.
  • Speed improvement when importing multiple files at once.
  • Reduce overall RAM usage during imports.
  • Saving immediately after import now improves performance and is highly recommended, especially for large files.

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  • Fixed bug with instance counts after further processing.
  • List Cleanup Confirmation adds ROR search engine
  • Edit Groups Dialog: Combine overlapping items in groups (AND) or Combine all items in groups (OR)
  • Speed improvements for List Cleanup and Find & Replace Thesaurus.
  • Refine NLP runs significantly faster as a result.
  • Merge Fields, Create Thesaurus from Groups, and Create Groups from Thesaurus dialogs modernized.
  • Added capability to tokenize Chinese or Japanese text.
  • Speed improvement when saving a thesaurus from List Cleanup.
  • Fixed missing checkmarks in List Cleanup Confirmation dialog.
  • New Dialog for Concatenate Fields tool.

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  • Smart Trainer will now recommend categories as you classify by highlighting the suggested category of a record with a light blue color.
  • Manage Record Classification Interface improvement. Import categories directly from existing field content or group names.
  • Smart Trainer selects better content (records) up front for easier classification and to improve confidence.
  • Create Custom Indicators using the Indicator builder dialog within a Statistics sheet.
  • View a word cloud of existing Knowledge Base stems within the Auto-Classifier settings dialog.
  • Rank Titles by proximity to centroid (most exemplar of the category) when clicking on a Category within a Classification field List view.
  • PCD: Fixed infinite loop in some cases when running PCD on large fields.
  • Speed up copying from List and Matrix views.
  • Speed up numeric sort in lists.
  • Speed up selection in lists.

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  • Pivot Tool: Add Multiple Pie Chart and Excel Export to display options.
  • Added VizLink Chart with 3 1D charts or a table. Selections in the leftmost chart will filter the charts on the right.
  • Increased possible label size for Column, Bar, and Line Charts.
  • Increased resolution for World Map allowing users to drill down to more countries.

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  • Moved horizontal scroll bar for matrices above the sheet tabs.
  • Improved out of memory handling and messaging to user.
  • Fixed bug where multi-line tooltips were too persistent
  • Streamlined data structures resulting in speed improvement when saving large data files.
  • Saving and Opening files now all use the same modern dialog.
  • License Server supports https.
  • Increased default size of record views
  • Creating Key fields is much faster.
  • Better column sizing for Record Views to eliminate “column size lock”

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Additional notes

If you have any questions about this update of VP please contact our helpdesk.

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