We are pleased to announce the release of an update for VantagePoint. VantagePoint 16 adds several performance enhancements and stability improvements to the VantagePoint suite. The highlights are outlined below.

Downloading and installing VantagePoint 16

Details on installing VP 16 can be found on our website in the install FAQ.

Version 16.0.1 Release notes (February 2024)

  • Fixed bug in autosave that could cause sheets to be lost.
  • Fixed bug in groups when using double quotes (")
  • Fixed bug in Smart Trainer during save as operation.

Version 16 Release notes (January 2024)


  • AutoSave! VP will now save changes made to a file in a temporary file in the event of a system crash between manual saves. When reloading the file the option to merge unsaved changes into the file will be given.

Field History

  • View a field's history (where it came from) by right-clicking it on the Summary sheet and selecting "View Field History"
  • Track changes and events for each process used to create a field
  • Add notes for any event to help you remember the specifics
  • Export the entire history out to Excel to produce internal process documentation for future analyses


  • Moved Smart Data Exchange to Hotkey Command only
  • Fixed bug of empty groups being deleted after Import More Fields


List Cleanup

  • Improvements to List Cleanup with Thesaurus workflow when multiple matches are detected.
  • Save Position of Confirmation window and Cleanup Detail Windows
  • Save Detail Window fields during List Cleanup Confirm based on ruleset selected. i.e. Organization Names will pick separate fields in the Detail Windows than Person Names.
  • Fixed bug in sorting list cleanup sub-items
  • Add Horizontal Scroll to List Cleanup Confirm
  • Add capability to zoom text in List Cleanup Confirm Window
  • Editable hotkeys in the List Cleanup Confirm Dialog. Setup your own keyboard shortcuts for things like google search.
  • Filter Cleanup Confirm window by count of terms in sets with "Sets>1"
  • Additional filtering options for List Cleanup Confirm to see Combined by Thesaurus, Custom Thesaurus Items, Cloned Items

Other Refine

  • Speed up creation of Key Field
  • Update IPC Short Label thesaurus for 2023
  • Thesaurus editor - Speed improvements. View matches in real time.
  • New Further Processing commands to count Words and Characters.
  • Fixed bug where Further Processing would not work on compound fields.
  • Fields created by Further Processing commands now keep the original field's groups.
  • My Keywords - remember the last viewed list when re-opening.


Train Custom Named Entity Recognition

  • Use your own keywords to create a Trained NER model for extracting similarly used terms from long text
  • Adjust training data based on output and train again to create a reusable entity recognizer on similar searches
  • Adjust semantic searches based on output to find "missing" data
  • Remove "noise" from results with optional numeric removal and automatically applied common stopword thesaurus 

Multi-level Record Classification

  • Add another tier to your Record Classification hierarchy with Sub-categories
  • Records assigned to Sub-categories will automatically be assigned to its parent category.

Title and Detail Windows

  • View Groups or Groups of Items in Detail Windows
  • Detail Window Add search engines to right click menu
  • CTRL + C is now supported in Title and Detail windows for copying data.
  • Add option to sort title view by status: Classified, Omit, Note, in addition to Alpha


Profile Table (Formerly Super Profile)

  • Create fully customizable reports on the fly with Profile Tables
  • Select items to profile and add or remove columns as you see fit to generate the report you need
  • Save templates to generate profiles on future datasets to save time and effort.

World Map

  • Show Record Counts on the World Map


  • Improved handling for corrupt data; Aggressively identify and remove problematic fields with warnings to save the underlying file. Re-import or run processes again to create the field(s) again.
  • Massive speed up of Sort Ungrouped list operation.
  • Browser sheets can now handle larger datasets.
  • Speed up calculation of auto-correlation matrices.
  • Fixed bug where changes to visualizations wouldn't save.

If you have any questions about this update of VP please contact our helpdesk.

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