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Extracting and Indexing Data:  After a search, the user imports the data into VantagePoint—a one-time event for each dataset. Fields are mined from the text using pattern matching, rule-based, and natural language processing techniques to obtain:

  • Fields found in most bibliographic databases (for example, authors, inventors, affiliations, assignees, dates, descriptors, index terms, and classification codes),
  • Normalized values that are sometimes buried in the basic fielded data or presented in mixed formats, such as dates, classification codes, or patent numbers,
  • Meaningful words and phrases from the titles, abstracts, patent claims, and other free text, and
  • Entities defined in user-managed dictionaries.

Search results yields meaningful information

For this import process, VantagePoint uses Import Filters, which can be specifically tailored for each database, database provider, and your particular requirements. Our Import Engine is a powerful tool for leveraging the value that is hidden in your data.

There are three ways to handle your Import Filters:

  1. Our on-line library contains more than 180 Import Filters covering a large proportion of the patent, business, science, and technology databases; and it is freely available to our customers.
  2. Our support team can create and customize Import Filters to your requirements.
  3. VantagePoint comes with all of the tools you need to do-it-yourself.