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Top 10 Lists:  You can browse your data from many perspectives. The simplest tool is a list. Using a list of affiliations (or authors or countries), you can see the top affiliations (or authors or countries) and browse the records for each one. You can sort and search your lists in an instant, and create groups in your lists in many different ways.

List Comparison lets you compare any two lists from any set of VantagePoint data and identify the common or unique items in the lists. With time-sliced data sets, this can help you identify new or emerging concepts, authors, institutions, or countries.

Using Group using Thesaurus, you can apply a thesaurus to your list and create groups of list items.

Find and Group searches the list for your target text and adds matching items to a group. Find provides for three search strings and several Boolean operators (for example, "and," "adjacent," "near4," "or", etc.).

… and no, you are not limited to viewing 10 at a time.