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User Managed Thesauri:  With VantagePoint you can create, edit, and apply thesauri, which can be used for specialized data reduction or conversion. Using a thesaurus, you can easily combine all variants of a data element (for example, United States, US, U.S., USA, etc.). For other types of analysis, you can combine data elements into broad categories (for example, "aluminum alloys," "magnesium alloys," "carbon fiber reinforced plastics," and "copper alloys" into "Materials"; or "USA," "Canada," and "Mexico" into "North America"). You can also use a thesaurus to transform classification codes or index terms into something more easily understood.


VantagePoint's Thesaurus Editor provides several interactive tools for creating, editing, testing, and managing your thesauri. VantagePoint's thesauri support both normal text and Regular Expressions for matching data in the source list.

Supports both normal text and regular expressions